Top 10 Southern Christmas Cakes


Italian Cream Cake


Christmas is quickly approaching, and along with it, parties and family gatherings. These are the fabled days of sugarplum visions, but in the South, those sugared plums make more sense layered into a Lane Cake. Our sweet Christmas dreams are sprinkled with confectionary visions of layer and bundt cakes, iced, frosted, and garnished to perfection. Warm aromas and crackling fireplaces help set the holiday mood, but the way you decorate your tree, the stories you tell, and the dazzling cake stand that serves as the meal’s sweet centerpiece are more than ambiance—they are tradition. And while in the South there are many occasions throughout the year that call for a show-stopping dessert, Christmas calls for a sideboard full.


Red Velvet Cake


Many families have specific company-worthy recipes they turn to each Christmas—a tradition they look forward to all year. Others may look to wow their gatherings with new creations each season. Either way, the Christmas dessert table confirms what many Southerners know to be true: the best accessories to your holiday finery are an oven mitt and a homemade cake.


Maya’s Fruitcake


Looking for a show-stopper for your holiday? Here are our top 10 Southern Christmas cakes to try!


Red Velvet Cake


Lane Cake

Buttered Pecan Caramel Cake

Lady Baltimore Cake

Coconut Cake

Spice Cake

German Chocolate Bundt Cake

Pound Cake

Italian Cream Cake


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