South’s Best Turkey and Dressing

Photo courtesy The Old Mill Restaurant

Everybody loves a showstopping Thanksgiving meal, but let’s be honest—preparing this yearly feast is a grand undertaking, to say the least. While it’s hard to improve upon grandma’s sweet potato casserole and mom’s cornbread dressing, sometimes you just don’t have the will, time, or patience to tackle a homemade Thanksgiving dinner. So whether you don’t have the time, dropped the turkey on the floor, or just have a craving for a taste of Thanksgiving, this list has you covered. 

Check out our November issue for the rest of the list and discover where you can eat Thanksgiving turkey all year round!

Butchertown Grocery
Louisville, Kentucky
1076 E. Washington St.

This upscale restaurant is connected to the Butchertown neighborhood and community it serves, in that both are “a little raw and a little refined, with plenty of heart.” Having opened the restaurant the day before Thanksgiving in 2015, Chef Bobby Benjamin has an appreciation for the holiday, and is planning his second delicious day-of feast. Last year’s menu included everything from classics like smoked turkey and cornbread dressing to creative dishes like pork-belly wrapped pork loin and sweet potato gnocchi, so be sure to reserve your spot for this year’s delectable repast.

The Driskill Grill
Austin, Texas
604 Brazos St.

Since opening in 1929, The Driskill Grill, one of the Driskill Hotel’s dining options, has become an Austin landmark, showcasing locally sourced ingredients and game from central Texas. Known for their refined dining, this is the place to be if you’re searching for an upscale Thanksgiving Day experience. Here, you can enjoy two holiday meal options: a multi-course, upscale menu in the restaurant that features the chef’s take on the flavors and dishes of the season, or the family-friendly Thanksgiving Brunch on the Mezzanine, a tradition beloved by hotel staff and guests alike.

Domenica Restaurant
New Orleans, Louisiana
123 Baronne St.

Located in the opulent Roosevelt Hotel, this fine-dining restaurant usually serves the fresh pastas, roasted meats and vegetables, and Napolitano-style pizzas inspired by Chef Alon Shaya’s time spent in Italy. But for Thanksgiving, Chef Shaya brings his Italian cooking style and American traditions together, serving a grand holiday feast all day. With as many as five courses, his past Thanksgiving menus have featured dishes that reference the chef’s culinary background but still hold the heart of the season, like turkey pot pie with butternut squash and onions, or praline bacon, garbanzo bean, and roasted sweet potato creamy vellutata, a velvety vegetable soup. Bring your appetite to this warm and inviting dining room and prepare for a holiday meal like you’ve never had before.




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