The South’s Best Pies

As Southerners, pie is in our blood. We like them filled with pecans, topped high with meringue, chilled in the icebox, and every variation thereof. Here are some places you must try around the South.

Sugaree’s Bakery
New Albany, Mississippi
New Albany is one of those little Mississippi towns that you’ll miss if you blink, and you don’t want to miss Sugaree’s Bakery. Classic Southern cakes are what brought Sugaree’s into the spotlight, but the pies here are not to be missed. Pecan and chess pies are available every day, but the famous five-pound (yes, really!) chocolate meringue pie is available only on Fridays, so plan accordingly.
110 W. Bankhead St.

A slice of Sugaree’s five-pound chocolate meringue pie


  1. I just received two of your wonderful cookbooks. The Potluck one and The South Best Pies. Love all of your recipes.


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