Go on a GeoTour in Houma, Louisiana

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Did you know that one of only fifty GeoTours in the whole world is located in Houma, Louisiana? 

Geocaching is a free outdoor treasure hunt and a great way to spend a weekend! Explore Houma through a unique GeoTour and discover its rich history, breathtaking landscape, and diverse culture as you locate each hidden cache. 

You can complete the tour over several visits, or make a weekend out of it and enjoy Houma’s delicious cuisine and hospitable accommodations. When you locate all 21 caches on the tour, you will receive a signature Houma Travel geocoin. 

In order to locate a cache, you’ll need either a GPS device or GPS-enabled mobile phone. You’ll also need to sign up for a membership on Geocaching.com, and a basic membership is free. 

Once you locate the cache, write about your discovery in the logbook, which is located in the cache, but don’t forget to leave the logbook in the cache for the next person to write in!  

If you decide to take an item from the cache, you must replace it with an item of equal or greater value. Then, go to Geochaching.com and record your adventure. 

Geocaches range in size from Micro (less than 100ml) to Large (20L or larger). Some are also listed as “Other,” and you’ll need to see the cache description for more information.  

Caches come in all shapes and forms; it could be a clear plastic container, a canister, or a secret compartment in a fake rock. You can get a general idea of a cache’s size by reading the caches description. 

What’s in a cache? You never know what previous cache visitors have left behind in the cache. However, a cache will always contain a logsheet or logbook for you to document your find. To learn more, visit Houma Travel.  


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