15 Southern Sides Made for Your Thanksgiving Table


Thanksgiving. It’s the beloved holiday when kitchens are filled with the smell of roasting turkey and the sound of families coming together. And here in the South, we do it best. Of course we serve our perfectly golden turkeys, but that’s only the beginning for our Southern spreads. From sweet potato casserole to macaroni and cheese, our tables are laden with no shortage of mouthwatering sides to accompany our show-stopping birds. Bread baskets are piled high with buttery, fresh-from-the-oven rolls, casserole dishes are filled with crispy-topped dressing just waiting to be doused in homemade gravy, and platters are filled with roasted veggies and deviled eggs galore. And if you don’t have your menu planned yet, fear not! We’ve pulled together our favorite sides to help make this Thanksgiving a feast to remember. 



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