BBQ Road Trips (from Austin, TX)


Much comes to mind when Austin is mentioned. The capital of Texas, where everything is “bigger and better.” The Live Music Capital of the World, with PBS’s long-running Austin City Limits, and famed music festivals South by Southwest (March 13th-22nd) and Austin City Limits. Home of the University of Texas, Whole Foods, and a downtown bridge that for most of the year houses the world’s largest urban bat colony. But Austin is also the perfect spot from which to depart for the scores of Texas barbecue joints scattered throughout Central Texas. Although Austin has dozens of its own (more on that later), within an hour’s drive from the city are so many top-notch barbecue spots that even the most ardent Texas nonapologists will begin to question their carnivorous loyalties.

When it comes to the barbecue institutions that dot Greater Austin, there are articles and lists aplenty. With good reason, many of the same establishments are recommended time and again. With all due respect to the well-known favorites, I have some spots that might be news to you. So, clear your day, skip breakfast, and hop in the car. Once you’re buckled up (seriously, Click It or Ticket), allow me to lead the way.


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