Listen While You Cook: Where the Crawdads Sing from Penguin Random House

Where the Crawdads Sing

We cook for a wide variety of reasons—for sustenance, for community, for a sense of place in history, and simply for relaxing at the end of a long week. Above all, lovingly tending to a slow-simmering pot provides a much needed escape from our fast-paced world. Now, we’re combining our two favorite forms of escapism: Southern cooking and absorbing ourselves in compelling literature. 

Taste of the South’s newest partner, Penguin Random House Audio, is a producer of top-quality fiction and nonfiction audiobooks written and read by the best in the business. No matter where your tastes or interests lie, they will have the perfect listening suggestion for you to immerse yourself in.

Right now we are obsessed with Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.

Set in the marshlands of coastal North Carolina in 1969, social outcast Kya Clark has found herself as the main suspect in the murder of beloved local young man Chase Andrews. As Kya’s past is revealed, we learn about her beautiful and heartbreaking formative years and the small-town drama surrounding the legal case.

The hard road Kya was forced to travel as a young girl began with her mother leaving. Between having to care for her hard-drinking father and not fitting in at school, Kya’s isolation increased until she was no more than the Marsh Girl spoken about in whispered town gossip. However, it’s among the swamps and trees that Kya finds peace and grace from the natural surrounds and native creatures.

One day, she is caught spying on the son of a shrimper, and a friendship blossoms as he teaches Kya to read. But once he goes off to college, she is once again left to her own devices. Soon after, she meets Chase. As his murder engulfs the town and her own life, the search for the truth begins—but will it save or condemn Kya?

When getting lost in the wetlands of North Carolina, what better pairing for the simmering storyline and flavors of the Southern coast than a Shrimp and Grits Casserole? Between sizzling bacon and lovingly tended grits, Penguin Random House Audio’s rendition of the sultry tale will keep you company while you prepare a heartwarming meal.

By the time your casserole hits the table, you’ll have plenty of juicy anecdotes from Kya’s story amongst the marshes and eddies to share over brunch or Sunday supper. Come with us on this full sensory experience, and brook more storylines while you cook with a full audiobook catalogue. From thrillers to romances, you are sure to find new titles ready to whisk you away to another world, courtesy of Penguin Random House Audio.

Enjoy the duo of new tales and tastes. They’re not just an escape—they’re the beginnings of new adventures.


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