What We’re Making: 4th of July



During photo shoots, meetings, and test kitchen tastings this week, our team has been a buzz about what we’re serving friends and family on the Fourth of July.

It’s one of those holidays that makes us want to head to the curb market and buy every peach, blackberry, watermelon, pea, and tomato we can get our hands on because our local produce is really at its prime right now.

Tomorrow, I’ll gather with my supper club for an old-fashioned backyard barbecue. We’ll be smoking ribs and butts, have a table full of sides, and lots of games and water balloons for the kids—and adults.

I’ve changed my mind on recipes at least a half dozen times, particularly when someone on our team reminds me of a forgotten cool and creamy treat from a few issues ago… But I’ve made my grocery list, so I’ll be baking a tomato pie (my first of the season!) and serving our Key Lime Mousse Pie with Coconut Crust and Chocolate-Nutella Icebox Pie from our Southern Pies & Cobblers Issue that will hit newsstands soon. Check out what everyone else on our staff will be making below, and follow the links to our delicious recipes that will really make your Fourth of July sparkle.

Happy grilling, baking, and celebrating America!



 Brian Hart Hoffman, our Chief Creative Officer, loves any occasion to bake and welcome guests into his home. Tomorrow, he’ll be serving Blueberry Hand Pies from our Southern Pies & Cobblers issue and the Strawberry Crisp from our July/August issue.




 Tag along with Associate Editor Josh Miller to his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, where he’ll be slicing Christy Jordan’s Peach-Blackberry Buttermilk Pie.




Ginny Heard, our Assistant Editor, is preparing the Classic Lemon Icebox Pie from our Southern Pies & Cobblers special issue per her father’s request as well as the Blueberry Hand Pies. The hand pies clearly won us all over at first bite!


Amy Stone, one of our photo stylists, plans to stir together the Butterbean and Corn Salad from our July/August issue (she’s already made it a few times!) and head to the pool with a batch of Blanca Aldaco’s (of Aldaco’s in San Antonio) famous-to-us Watermelon Margaritas




Kathleen Kanen, one of our test kitchen professionals, is hitting the curb market for some local blueberries to prepare the cool and creamy Frozen Blueberry Cream Pie from our May/June issue.


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