Think Outside the Pie: Comparing Apples to Apples

Although each variety is delicious in its own way, all apples are not created equal. Use our quick reference guide to popular apples and how to best enjoy them, and then put your new knowledge to the test with some of our great recipes!


Fuji: Sweet and slightly spicy, these apples break down during baking, making them great for keeping stuffing moist.

Granny Smith: Well known for a reason, these tart favorites have a firm texture that holds up well when sautéed or baked.

Gala: This crisp, mild-flavored apple is terrific for salads, but is also delicious baked.

Pink Lady: Firm and juicy, these versatile apples are tasty fresh or baked. They are also resistant to browning.

Golden Delicious: An all-purpose apple with a thin skin and sweet flavor, Golden Delicious is especially good in pies and apple butter.

Honeycrisp: Although these apples can do it all, their fantastic texture and taste make them perfect for roasting.

Braeburn: With an almost pear-like flavor when cooked, Braeburns soften fully while still maintaining enough texture to make them well suited for cakes and pies.


  1. I’m looking for a recipe for apple pie filling cake that was in your October/November 2008 issue. It called to mix the pie filling with butter pecan cake mix. Would you check your archives and send me a copy? I’ve lost mine and loved it. Love the magazine too!


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