The South’s Best Pimiento Cheese

The Bar at Lemaire
Richmond, Virginia

We can’t imagine a more pleasant way to spend an evening in Richmond than sitting on the open-air patio at the Bar at Lemaire with a cocktail and the bar’s signature white Cheddar pimiento cheese. A popular dish on the bar’s menu since the restaurant opened inside The Jefferson Hotel in 2009, it’s served with olives and toasted sourdough bread. Chef Walter Bundy has infused everything on the menu at Lemaire with his commitment to providing upscale Southern cuisine that showcases Virginia-grown ingredients and the Southern influences of his native Richmond. The pimiento cheese is no exception.
101 W Franklin St.

Photo courtesy Beth Furgurson Photography


  1. If y’all are ever passing through S.W. Virginia, please stop in Roanoke, Virginia. We would love to share with you some of our southern made goodness here at Scratch Biscuit Company. We make some crazy good pimento cheese!


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