The South’s Best Pimiento Cheese

Throughout the South, there is one immutable truth: We Southerners love our ’menna cheese. For generations, this concoction of sharp Cheddar cheese and roasted red bell peppers, bound together with mayonnaise, has been a favorite at lunchtime tables, Southern cocktail parties, and just for snacking. But now, the beloved paté of the South has found its way onto menus at some of the South’s finest restaurants and well-loved neighborhood eateries. Here are some of our favorites.

Photo courtesy Ron Manville

Tupelo Honey Cafe
Asheville, North Carolina

While the Tupelo Honey Cafe reveres the time-honored traditions of Southern cooking, Chef Brian Sonoskus likes to give his Southern dishes a decidedly different (and creative) spin at this Asheville eatery. That especially goes for the house pimiento cheese, which he flavors with Dijon mustard and fresh parsley and serves warm with tortilla chips. “Shoo Mercy” is the Tupelo Honey Cafe’s slang for bumping a recipe up to the next level. And what that means will become clear when you taste what the menu calls “the most mind-blowing grilled cheese on the planet,” the Shoo Mercy Cheesy Grill. In addition to pimiento cheese, it’s made with Havarti cheese, caramelized onions, maple-peppered bacon, city ham, fried green tomatoes, and fresh basil on sourdough wheat bread.
12 College St.

Tupelo Honey Sandwich
Photo courtesy Tupelo Honey Cafe


  1. If y’all are ever passing through S.W. Virginia, please stop in Roanoke, Virginia. We would love to share with you some of our southern made goodness here at Scratch Biscuit Company. We make some crazy good pimento cheese!


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