The South’s Best Doughnuts

Sublime Doughnuts
Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta is full of great food, so it’s no wonder that you can find some amazing doughnuts there, too. Sublime Doughnuts takes the fried dough way beyond the basic. You won’t find a plain glazed here, but you won’t mind. Instead, you get to choose from flavors like Nutella, butter toffee, maple bacon Cheddar, or sweet potato cake. Seasonal favorites include a doughnut split and filled with fresh strawberries and cream or a pumpkin cake doughnut. There’s something different every day to keep you coming back. Oh, and by the way, did we mention doughnut ice cream sandwiches? You probably aren’t interested in something like that, but if you are, Sublime is the place to have one. Or two. Or a few.


by Paul & Angela Knipple


  1. Can’t believe HOLE doughnuts in Asheville didn’t make the list. They are amazing….always handmade and served hot.

  2. Another great donut shop not mention is The Donut Shoppe in Jacksonville, FL. Donuts made fresh everyday and if you snooze you lose because they sell out and only open until 2:00.

  3. I thought donuts were fried! Your article says fresh from the oven. Learn something new every day. In Orlando, I used to watch Krispy Cream donuts come down the conveyor belt from the fryer and under the sprayer that sprayed glaze on the hot donuts.

  4. Nice list, but not AT ALL complete without mention of Houston, TX’s Shipley Doughnuts or Shreveport, LA’s Southern Maid. These are two of the South’s–point blank, period!

  5. Elvis Presley endorsed exactly ONE product in his entire life: Shreveport’s Southern Maid Donuts. Nothing comes even close to a melt-in-your-mouth hot Southern Maid donut.


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