How to Host a Thanksgiving Potluck

Thanksgiving Potluck

Give yourself a break this Thanksgiving and let your friends and family help by bringing a side dish or dessert to your Thanksgiving Potluck. Simply set a menu, assign dishes, and follow these tips to enjoy your most relaxing Thanksgiving Day ever.

Host: Starters + Turkey & Dressing

Prepare the appetizers ahead of time so you can focus on the turkey and dressing.

Time it so that the turkey has finished cooking when your guests arrive, freeing up the oven for reheating side dishes.

thanksgiving potluck

Guests: Side Dishes or Dessert

To ensure a successful Thanksgiving Potluck, assign each guest a side dish so that you don’t end up with everyone bringing the same thing.

Let your guests know they are welcome to use your oven or stovetop to reheat their dishes upon arrival.

thanksgiving potluck

Make a Menu Plan

We’ve got plenty of menus to help you get started, but feel free to mix and match these dishes to create your ultimate Thanksgiving feast.


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