Sweet & Southern: Classic Desserts with a Twist

Did you always love to bake?
Yes! It was what we did, especially around the holidays. About half of the recipes in the book are ones that I grew up baking with my family. They’re very old recipes that I’ve changed a little bit to modernize them, but not that much. The rest of them are new recipes that I have come up with or adapted from things I’ve researched since I’ve been working with food for the past eight years.

Marbled Orange-Chocolate Bundt Cake

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How did the bakers in your family influence you?
My mother and my aunt were great bakers, and so was my maternal grandmother. Whenever my mom would bake I would be in the kitchen, watching her, seeing what she did. Sometimes I would annoy her, pointing out what she did wrong, or telling her she missed something. I think that’s how I learned, by watching her and thinking about ways that
I would do it differently.


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