The South’s Best Pies

Mrs. Rowe’s Family Restaurant
Staunton, Virginia
Mrs. Rowe’s has become an institution among Southern restaurants, and the pies here are one of the contributing factors. Mrs. Rowe always encouraged her customers to order dessert first because the restaurant’s pies have always been popular enough to sell out before anything else. You’ll enjoy any classic you can think of here, from coconut cream to shoofly to fudge. And while it would be easy to fill up on pie (and perfectly fine to do so), keep in mind that pie isn’t all that put Mrs. Rowe’s on the map. Save some room for perfect spoonbread and plenty of other delicious Southern dishes.
74 Rowe Rd.


  1. I just received two of your wonderful cookbooks. The Potluck one and The South Best Pies. Love all of your recipes.


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