The South’s Best Pies

Muddy’s Bake Shop
Memphis, Tennessee
Kat Gordon made Muddy’s Bake Shop famous in Memphis with her made-from-scratch cupcakes, but her pies are not to be missed. You can enjoy them whole or by the slice, knowing that every day they’re made from the freshest ingredients available. Kat’s recipes are based on her grandmother’s baking, but she adds her own twists that make her treats absolutely irresistible. Fruit pies here are always delicious, but keep an eye out for her fabulous chocolate chess pie, a masterpiece of velvety fudge that still manages to be light and smooth as silk.
5101 Sanderlin #114


  1. I just received two of your wonderful cookbooks. The Potluck one and The South Best Pies. Love all of your recipes.


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