The South’s Best Pies

Pie Lab
Greensboro, Alabama
Of course, PieLab is all about great pie, but it’s also pie for a good cause. All of the profits from PieLab go to the H.E.R.O. charity that provides resources for the citizens of Greensboro, Alabama. But it’s about even more than that. It’s about ideas. PieLab is a place for ideas to flourish and partnerships to form. It’s also a place for people to learn the skills of making great pies. Of course, you’ll find a great selection of classic pies every day at PieLab, but there’s always something special and seasonal like tangerine chess pie in the winter, pluot tart in the fall, and strawberry shortcake in the spring.
1317 Main St.

Pie Lab’s Apple-Pear Pie


  1. I just received two of your wonderful cookbooks. The Potluck one and The South Best Pies. Love all of your recipes.


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