The South’s Best Pies

Jim’s Kountry Pies
Youngsville, Louisiana
You might intend to just stop by Jim’s Kountry Pies to pick up a pie, but that’s not how it works. Jim’s Cajun wit and charm will lure you into a sit-down conversation that’s worth every minute of your time. Jim holds a treasure trove of Cajun history and heritage that he’s more than happy to share. And he’ll also share some of his pie-making secrets, although he’ll tell you, and rightly so, that you wouldn’t need him to tell you anything if you’d spent more time in the kitchen just watching your own mother and grandmother. Pie is about family to Jim, and by the time you leave his shop, it will be part of your family, too.
3606 Romero Rd.

Jim’s Kountry Pie’s Coconut Cream Pie


  1. I just received two of your wonderful cookbooks. The Potluck one and The South Best Pies. Love all of your recipes.


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