Photo courtesy of Jed Dekalb

Dutch Maid Bakery


Opened in 1902 by Swiss immigrants John and Louise Baggenstoss, Dutch Maid Bakery is a slice of history. After enduring a fire, the bakery opened its doors to orphans during the Great Depression, and survived World War I and World War II, during which it was run solely by the women of the family. The Baggenstoss family sold the bakery in the 1990s to one of the orphans they took in during the Depression, and later to current owner Cindy Day. All your favorite sweets are still the same, including ours—salt rise bread and moonshine cakes—and still baked in one of the first ovens placed in the bakery.

109 Main St. | 931.592.3171


Photo courtesy of Emily Potter

Campbell’s Bakery


Opened in 1962, Campbell’s is a pillar in the Jackson community thanks to its signature petit fours and iced tea cakes that have graced the tables of Jackson parties for decades. Originally owned by army veteran Louis Campbell, the bakery suffered a downturn after only the second owner in 40 years sold it in 2002. That is, until current owner Mitchell Moore stepped in to restore the pastries and the building back to their former glory, adding a few of his own creations. The tea cakes and petit fours are still just as decadent as they were in the 1970s, but we have a hard time resisting one of Mitchell’s creations—rich, creamy, and smooth Southern-style cheesecake.

3013 N State St. | 601.362.4628



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