Photo courtesy of Naegelin’s Bakery

Naegelin’s Bakery


The oldest bakery in Texas (and on this list), Naegelin’s opened in 1868 and is a New Braunfels institution. Owned by only two families in nearly 150 years, Naegelin’s has stayed true to its sweet roots—current owner Todd Granzin still uses the same recipes that Edouard Naegelin did over a century ago. We crave the 26-inch-long, 5-pound apple strudel and the fruit-filled culottes year-round, but if you don’t see your childhood favorite on the menu anymore, have no fear—Naegelin’s will still take special orders of items that were on the menu decades ago.

129 S Seguin Ave. | 830.625.5722


Photo courtesy of Erin Mosher

Savage’s Bakery


Take a stroll through this Birmingham suburb in the early morning hours and you’re sure to be drawn to Savage’s Bakery from the aroma alone, thanks to vents from the bakery’s kitchen that open up to this charming community’s walkable downtown. Starting at 2 a.m., they start baking their famous smiley-face cookies, meltaways, cakes, cheese biscuits, and much more in the basement bakery, then bring them to the storefront via bakery racks where they soon find their home in the hands of Birmingham children (and adults). Opened in 1939, Savage’s was originally located in downtown Birmingham, but made the move to the suburbs in the 1950s and has been enticing residents with its legendary pastries ever since.

2916 18th St. S | 205.871.4901 |


Magnolia Bake Shop


A step inside Magnolia Bake Shop is a step back in time. The bakery, which was opened in 1928, hasn’t changed much in the last 80 years. The folks at Magnolia still use the same recipes that have been passed down through generations and have preserved the rich history of the bakery perfectly. Our favorite time to visit? Christmas, when hand-cut gingerbread men fill the bakery with Christmas scents and a host of baked-from-scratch fruitcakes await.

103 N Jefferson | 870.234.1304



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