Rise and Dine with Community® Coffee


Breakfast has long been considered “the most important meal of the day,” and in the South, it’s especially true. From fluffy biscuits to cast-iron casseroles, Southerners know how to do breakfast the right way. And in our minds, a proper breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a large cup of Community coffee.

Family owned for four generations, Community coffee is truly a Southern breakfast staple. Whether it’s alongside a quick weekday bite or an elaborate Sunday spread, Community coffee is always in our cups.

We reached out to our readers to ask them about their favorite breakfast traditions. Here is some of what they shared:

“I like to share a hot cup of coffee with my son or daughter in the mornings when I’m with them. There is something about the stillness and the steamy cup that warms my heart.” –Barbara Miller

“My mornings start with Community coffee and my daily readings.” –Shonique

“We have Community coffee every weekend with our eggs and toast or pancakes.” –Lauren 

“Weekend breakfast with my son: waffles, grits, eggs, sausage, cocoa for him, and Community coffee for me.” –Claudette Ashford 

“Coffee and Fried Cardamom Coffee Bread.” –Betty Campbell

“Great tasting coffee is hard to find, and Community coffee is a winner. My wife and I love it.” –Michael Murphy  

“Community coffee goes great with our eggs, rice, sausage, and cheese casserole that we enjoy as a family on weekends.” –Carole Parsons

“My sweetheart makes the best veggie omelet and grilled bread. We talk over our plans for the day and tell each other ‘I love you.’” –Brenda Johnson-Love 

“Community coffee is a staple in my family. Community coffee has a champion that they are not aware of in my brother Al. He has convinced his family, his office friends, his church friends, and those who read his blog to start drinking Community coffee.” –Jo Ann Abbott 

“I lived in the South almost 20 years. I miss with all my heart the golden sunrise with a cup of rich coffee.” –Mrs. Regina Lawrence 

“Weekday breakfast at work: COFFEE. I once saw a mug that said, ‘I drink coffee for YOUR protection.’ That is so true.” –Claudette Ashford 

“When my daughter comes home from college, she likes fresh-made corned beef hash, homemade biscuits and sausage gravy, country-style potatoes, and eggs. That was the last breakfast she had before going back last weekend. Oh, and coffee!” –Phyllis O’Neill 

“Homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.” –Tina Kanaris

“LOVE!! Taste of the South!! and we drink Community coffee every day while enjoying reading our Taste Of the South magazine!” –Deborah Morrow Pennington

“Community coffee is a valued staple in our home. My husband and I look forward to drinking it first thing in the morning. The aroma and wonderful taste is just what you need to start your day.” –Liz Collins

“After trying most all other coffee brands, I decided to try Community coffee. I finally found the best tasting coffee in the world. Altura is for breakfast every morning while Southern Bread Pudding, Mardi Gras and Vanilla Creme Brulee is for afternoon treats. We love Community coffee!” –Marie Prentiss

“Last thing I grab before heading out the door in the a.m. is my cup of coffee. I enjoy many of the flavored Community coffees during my short commute. One fave is the Pecan Praline!” –Ronda Walker


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