The Pan Handler: The Life of a Cast-Iron Collector


Collecting seems to be a shared human trait. What collecting means to us grows as we grow—when we are young and collecting marbles, we collect for power; when we grow older, we collect for identity; as we age, we collect for comfort; and when we are gone, it turns out we collected to be remembered. The things we collect can tell us so much, not only about who we are personally, but also who we are as a society, who we were, and who we want to be. Never is this truer than in collecting a piece of the past that has long been neglected and bringing it to life again, like in the hobby-turned-business of Mary Theisen, The Pan Handler.


  1. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and love for history and bringing it to light. 🙂 we are collectors to but I’m sure your collection would be something to see. Thanks for sharing this awesome story! ! We love wapaks (Indian head) and starting to victor.


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