Now Serving: In-Flight Pie


Inspired by the flavors of our favorite in-flight treats, this creamy pie stars coffee, peanuts, Biscoff cookies, and smooth Biscoff spread. Originating in Belgium in 1932, Biscoff cookies were first known as Europe’s “favorite cookie with coffee” before becoming the treat many Americans associate with air travel. Made from these crushed cookies of airline fame and other tasty ingredients, Biscoff spread has an amazingly rich flavor that makes us want to slather it on just about everything.




Even if you can’t board the next flight to paradise, you can still serve a slice of this icebox treat reminiscent of glamorous air travel from days past. Make this cool and creamy dessert ahead of time and stash it in the refrigerator for an easy anytime escape.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy your slice of pie.


In-Flight Pie


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