Listen While You Cook: Solace Island from Penguin Random House Audio

As the cooler weather starts to settle in and we’re able cook up even more comforting dishes than usual, the Taste of the South team has been livening up our kitchen time by listening to audiobooks. During the chopping and mixing and long, slow bakes, immersing ourselves in lovingly crafted audio worlds makes the act of cooking even more relaxing and fun.

Taste of the South has a new partnership with Penguin Random House Audio, a producer of top-quality fiction and nonfiction audiobooks written and read by the best in the business. Regardless of your personal taste in listening material, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.

Right now, we’re totally hooked on Solace Island by Golden Globe-winning actress Meg Tilly.

This genre-bending tale mixes romance and suspense as it unfolds in Arizona and develops in the lush Pacific Northwest. After being dumped days before her wedding, headstrong heroine Maggie Harris moves to serene Solace Island with her sister, Eve. There, in the bucolic town of Comfort, Maggie starts to rebuild her life and plans to open a bakery.

Her newfound peace turns out to be short-lived, though, when a car nearly runs her down. Luckily for Maggie, the handsome and enigmatic Luke Benson was nearby and able to save her life. Luke, a handsome ex-Special Forces operative who is recovering from his own love life disasters, takes Maggie under his wing and sparks fly.

As the story between them develops and the looming threats on Maggie’s life begin to come into focus, she must confront her questions about Luke’s past and decide whether she can trust him with her whole heart.

As the steamy plotline in the Solace Island audiobook plays out, we recommend getting your hands dirty with a batch of our Dutch Oven Bread. This deviously simple recipe yields a tender crumb and crunchy crust, and with the cranberry-pecan variation, it’s the perfect wintertime comfort food.

Between the first and second rise, you will have plenty of time to get into the juicy details of Maggie and Luke’s budding relationship, and then you can share them with your friends over a glass of wine and some freshly baked bread.

Come with us on this full sensory experience, and stream more storylines while you cook with a full audiobook catalog. From thrillers to romances, you are sure to find new titles ready to whisk you away to another world, courtesy of Penguin Random House Audio.

Enjoy the duo of new tales and tastes. They’re not just an escape—they’re the beginnings of new adventures.

This post sponsored by Penguin Random House.  


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