Jackson Goes Greek

Known for its Southern food culture, some folks might be surprised to learn of the strong Greek culinary influence in Jackson, Mississippi.

Jackson saw a rise in Greek immigrants in the 1920’s looking for opportunity and they found it in the city’s diners and restaurants, eventually owning them.

Most notably, the Greek influence is responsible and credited for introducing “Comeback Sauce,” a spicy orange-hued sauce (the kissing cousin to rémoulade) to the world by the beloved Mayflower Café.

Mayflower Cafe is one of the oldest operating restaurants in Jackson, featuring a Greek-inspired seafood and steak menu. A traditional, nightly gathering spot for locals and visitors alike, Mayflower Cafe is a downtown landmark and often featured in the works of area artists. You may recognize it from the Alec Baldwin film Ghosts of Mississippi and most recently, The Help.

The Greek influence fused Jackson to fresh, broiled fish, salty olives atop of Greek salads and the storied and beloved comeback sauce.

You can still find these Greek influences in restaurants across the city like Keifer’s (don’t miss the falafel), Crechales, and the Elite

The comeback sauce is not restricted and is used atop anything from catfish po’ boys to French fries.

For more information on Jackson’s Greek restaurants and overall culinary scene, check out SippJackson.com.


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