J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works

These days, each jar of salt is hand-numbered to let you know which batch it came from. “I don’t see this turning into an industry like it was before,” Nancy says. “It is important to us to keep it small-batch.” With her experience in the food world, Nancy believes that high quality products are what people are craving these days. Nancy and Louis love the fact that people are getting back in touch with where their food comes from. “I think people are realizing what they sacrificed for convenience, and now we’re swinging the other way,” Nancy explains. “The importance of sourcing ingredients from high-quality producers regionally is becoming a way of life again.”


The more artisanal take on Nancy and Louis’s incarnation of salt doesn’t separate them from their past, however. It’s the same salt, the same ancient sea, the same land that their ancestors used before them. Their salt has preserved so much more than food; it has preserved a way of life and the history of an area. “I feel so lucky to have found something that is so incredibly meaningful,” Nancy says. “It has brought my love for food and our family heritage together. It has been a deeply satisfying experience.”

To order J.Q. Dickinson Salt, visit jqdsalt.com. 


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