Ice Cream Maker Giveaway

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker Giveaway

In the South, homemade ice cream is a special treat. In my family, our ice cream maker was only pulled from its home, in the bottom cabinet, on the hottest of summer nights. My siblings and I would watch anxiously as my parents added strawberries or chocolate chips or, if we were lucky, our favorite—fresh peaches. We’d listen to the ingredients churn inside the old ice cream maker, dreaming of the delicious concoction we’d soon be enjoying.

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker Giveaway

This delightful dessert was always well worth the extra time and labor required to make it. The texture of fresh, homemade ice cream is unbeatable: silky, smooth, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. These days, grocery stores may attempt to reproduce the goodness of homemade ice cream, but there’s something about mixing in each ingredient yourself and patiently waiting for the mouth-watering result that makes this sweet treat unbeatable.

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker Giveaway

We’re pleased to have the chance to pass this experience on to you! We’re giving away a Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker, featured in our July/August 2016 issue. Tell us your favorite ice cream flavor on our Facebook Post to win. Giveaway ends Thursday, July 28, at midnight.



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