Gena Knox Spring Supper Club

Guest 4
Fresh bread
Find a local bakery that makes really good bread to pair with the risotto. I always serve mine with Georgia Olive Oil for dipping.

Guest 5
Sparkling wine for appetizer
I recently fell in love with Jardin en Fleurs sparkling Vouvray from the Loire Valley. It has a touch of residual sugar, but is slightly acidic. It is by no means sweet. For about $14, you can’t beat this French sparkling wine.

Guests 6 and 7
Wine for dinner
Asparagus is a tricky vegetable to pair wines with, and you generally want to avoid serving it with oak-heavy whites. A drier Pinot Grigio or an Oregon Pinot Gris goes nicely with the creamy risotto.



  1. About 5 yrs ago you published an amazing recipe for a chocolate pound cake with a fudge frosting. It was baked in an angel food pan. I have misplaced the recipe and cannot find it on your site. Is there any way for me to get a copy? Many thanks.

    Leda Kim

    • Hi Leda, it looks like you’re looking for Margaret Milligan’s Chocolate Pound Cake. It was a “Family Favorite” that ran in our December/January 2009 issue. Great choice! We’re sending the recipe your way.


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