Florida’s 30A

Rosemary Beach
Farthest to the east, Rosemary is a newer community with a strong family focus. Cobblestone streets wind through the “town,” which is peppered with quaint shops and restaurants.

La Crema
Inspired by the restaurants and chocolatiers of Madrid and Barcelona, this tiny tapas bar is tucked into an alcove right off the main thoroughfare. It’s the perfect spot to while away the afternoon over a bottle of Spanish wine and several rounds of small plates and dreamy desserts. Two words: chocolate bacon.
Find it:
38 Main St.

The Pearl
Finally open after years of planning and development, this boutique hotel has quickly become the hub of Rosemary. Gorgeous well-appointed rooms open up to pool and Gulf views, and the dining at the Havana Beach Bar and Grill is top notch. It has all the heady character of a Hemingway haunt, with Latin-spiced dishes to spare.
Find it:
63 Main St




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