Festing with Camellia Brand

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Festing with Camellia Brand

There are so many delicious dishes to look forward to during festival season in Louisiana. From Jazz Fest and French Quarter Fest to the Los Isleños Fiesta and the Jambalaya Festival, there’s great music and art to enjoy, wonderful celebrations of culture and heritage, and of course, amazing food that showcases it all.

Dig into those iconic dishes at home with help from Camellia Brand beans! Here’s a sampling of great recipes you can make in your own kitchen. They’re sure to bring the taste of Louisiana festivals to your dinner table.

Hayward Family's Blackeye Peas

Hayward Family’s Blackeye Peas

This family recipe has been featured on the Blackeye Peas bag for decades and hails from Gordon Hayward, 2nd generation bean enthusiast. According to tradition, a clean coin is added to the pot during cooking, and whoever gets the coin will become rich.

Red Beans Done Right

Whether you’re making red beans from scratch or getting a little help from their new Red Bean Seasoning Mix, you’ll find all the recipes, tips, and inspiration you need at Camellia’s Red Beans Done Right hub.


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