Farmers’ Market-Fresh Sides

Summer is the season for veggies. Whether you pick them fresh from your garden or pick them up at your local farmer’s market, nothing tastes more like summer than a warm plate of vegetables. From creamed corn and cornbread or squash and spicy okra, these summertime sides will surely have you dreaming of grandma’s garden. 


Farmers’ Market Potato Salad

This gorgeous salad makes the most of farm-fresh ingredients available all summer long.


Classic Squash Casserole

Cooking the squash and onion in chicken broth adds an extra layer of rich flavor.


Spicy Fried Okra

Cajun seasoning adds a kick of heat to this crispy fried okra. Like your okra extra crispy? Keep it warm in a 200° oven for up to 20 minutes.


Braised Lady Peas

Braised Lady Peas

Lady peas, also known as lady cream peas, are smaller and sweeter than other field peas. Substitute your favorite field peas or butter beans for equally delicious results.


Creamed CornCreamed Corn

Simmered until tender and sweet, this is one of the best versions of creamed corn we’ve ever had. Save the corn cobs and husks to make Creamed Corn Grits.


Farmers’ Market Pasta Salad

Fresh basil and lemon juice keeps this pasta salad light and bright.


Farmstand Cornbread

When it comes to cornbread, plain is just fine with us. But when summer blesses us with gardens full of gorgeous vegetables, there’s no reason not to stir them into a big skillet of cornbread. Sweet corn, fresh peppers, and cherry tomatoes shine in this recipe, but let your farmers’ market finds inspire you. Trust us—there’s no better way to eat your veggies.



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