Cooking with Enameled Cast Iron

Cooking with Enameled Cast Iron

Before You Go Shopping

There’s a great variety of options to choose from when it comes to enameled cast iron; consider these tips before you decide to buy.

  1. Cost & Brands: 

    In the past, purchasing enameled cast-iron cookware was very pricy—I could’ve made a mortgage payment with what my first three pieces cost! But with new players to the game, enameled cookware is now within reach of many more people. I have had experience with both expensive brands and inexpensive brands. While there are some slight differences, mainly with how each piece is made, experience has shown me that they cook the same.

  2. Size & Shape: 

    Always purchase a piece that is a little bigger than you think you need. If you’re looking at a 6-quart Dutch oven to cook a pot roast, on the shelf it might look big enough, but once you get the meat and a few veggies in the dish, it fills up very quickly. Although you don’t want the food to get lost in a vessel that’s too big, bigger is always better than being too small. If it is your very first piece of enameled cast iron, I recommend something no smaller than 7 quarts. Another important factor is the shape. The majority of enameled Dutch ovens are round, but I have found it incredibly advantageous to have one that has an oval shape. Things like roasts and whole chickens have wide, elongated shapes. Having a piece that will accommodate them is handy.


  1. Wow. I appreciate the tip regarding temperature when cooking with enameled cast iron. I’ve always cranked up the heat and couldn’t figure out how not to burn the food. That’s why I am reading this website. Thank you!

  2. What and how oven or top of stove for cooking with cast iron Dutch oven what temp to use , does it take longer or shorter cooking times ?

    • We suggest using medium heat when cooking with Dutch ovens. They work great on the stove top for making soups and jams, and are also wonderful for braising roasts and other meats in the oven!

  3. This info really helped me..I’ve used cast iron pans all my life. But now that I have health problems, keeping them seasoned is a my enamel pans..

    • Hi Katherine! We’re glad that we could help and that you love enamel as much as we do. Let us know if you ever need any other tips or tricks.

  4. What a wonderful informative post! I have used a French enameled dutch oven for years with great success – but the results with my new enameled skillet were a bit disappointing. Thanks to your great tips and comments I now know where I made mistakes. Your information should accompany all enameled cookware.
    Thank you!


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