Christy Jordan’s Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

Pot Roast Sandwich

A big part of my Granddaddy’s life was tending his garden. He never left it to fend for itself. He spent time each day carefully looking over his plants, staking them when necessary, and harvesting them at just the right time. He tended to the people in his life with the same amount of care, nourishing them like he did that big garden. It seems like yesterday that I was a little girl tagging along behind Granddaddy.

 I remember lying in the grass in my grandparents’ backyard, looking up at the clouds and wondering if I would ever grow up. Back then, the thought of being an adult seemed so far away that I was barely able to imagine it beyond just wanting to be like Mama. But time speeds up the older we get, and attempts to slow it down are feeble at best. Looking back, my childhood is a steady blur from me wearing pigtails to putting my daughter in pigtails. Now, she takes pride in fixing her own hair each morning.


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