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At Baked, Matt, Renato, and their crew love to test out their new recipes on their “unsuspecting” (though quite willing!) customers. Now with a second location in Tribeca, Baked is expanding its influence and giving Matt and Renato the chance to conduct dessert experiments on an even larger audience. Their recipes, both new and traditional, have always sparked customer interest, and after enjoying their desserts, many customers have asked for recipes. “About six months after we opened, people began to ask for recipes,” Matt explained. The bakery recipes were not created for the home cook, but were developed to produce large quantities. “We had to explain to people that they had to first divide by 30, then subtract, etc.,” Matt said. Confusion inevitably followed, so Matt and Renato started writing cookbooks so their customers had better access to their recipes.

Strawberry Supreme Cake
Strawberry Supreme Cake

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