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Easter Coconut Sheet Cake

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Situated on Van Brunt Street, among other small shops and restaurants, Baked is a warm and casual haven for regulars and visitors alike. As beautiful as they are delicious, the desserts that fill the cases at Baked are constantly revolving. But this is no stuffy, uptight bakery—Matt and Renato have a lot of fun with what they do and love to let their personalities shine. After opening in 2005, the bakery became a learning experience for Matt and Renato. Their business plan included more dreamy baking hopes than fiscal expertise, and made Baked a perfect example of a “trial by fire.” “We just assumed people would come in on the first day,” Matt said. It turned out that it was definitely a word-of-mouth business, and though it took a little while, they started building a customer base in the neighborhood. After a few months, their tasty treats rewarded Matt and Renato with a host of return customers.


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