Celebrate Every Day with Baked Occasions

Dolly’s Doughnut

Baked Occasions draws directly from Matt’s and Renato’s bakery experience, and they have cherry-picked some of their favorite recipes as well as some of their customers’ favorites. With 75 recipes that follow the calendar, this cookbook shares a year full of desserts. While New York is the bakery’s home, there are plenty of Southern influences in this cookbook. Matt attended The University of Alabama as an undergraduate and was given the Easter Coconut Sheet Cake recipe by a neighbor while he was there. “It is just full of coconut,” Matt said. “I can’t help but think of the South when I think of coconut.” They even had a location of Baked in Charleston, South Carolina. That’s when Matt and Renato came to understand the differences in regional tastes. “Everyone says that the United States is so homogenous, but it’s really not,“ Matt said. “There are still pockets of uniqueness, and we want to find out what’s going on in these places.” They love to bring old and forgotten desserts back into the limelight—as a matter of fact, they consider themselves dessert archaeologists. “We like to excavate old recipes,” Matt explained. When Matt and Renato travel, they always try to find out about the places they are visiting and the desserts that originate there. Once they find something interesting, they research and decide if the dessert is worth re-creating at Baked to share with their customers.


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