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Just a few hours’ drive in any direction all around the South, you’ll find enough to see and do for a lifetime of vacations. Grab a couple of girlfriends, arrange a family reunion, or sneak away yourself to any one of the destinations profiled in this special travel section. Throughout the South, cities are teeming with festivals, hot new restaurants, museums and nightlife. There are also relaxing indulgences like spa destinations, luxury mountain retreats, and natural attractions both breathtaking and awe-inspiring. The lure of the South extends through its delicious food, beautiful scenery and Southerners themselves. Welcome to the South, where hospitality reigns.



moonpie icebox cake

MoonPie Ice Cream Cake

Created to satisfy a Kentucky coal miner’s desire for a “snack as big as the moon,” MoonPie's layers of graham cookie, marshmallow, and chocolate...