BBQ Road Trips (from Austin, TX)

All good in Spicewood
Last but not least is Opie’s BBQ, 34 miles west of Austin, out Highway 71. After careers in the corporate world, husband and wife Todd and Kristin Ashmore went rogue and opened Opie’s in beautiful Spicewood in December 2009. You know you’re in for a treat when you step in the door and are immediately face-to-face with a big serving
pit, fully stocked with a smorgasbord of smoked meats. Just start pointing at what you want, and they’ll slap it down on a black cafeteria tray to be whisked away to the counter for cutting. It’s a free country, but under no circumstances should you bypass the sweet-and-spicy baby back pork ribs. Their half chicken is among the best you’ll find anywhere. And the unique sides and enormous desserts, all creations of Kristin’s, are show stealers. Snag some tater-tot casserole, spicy corn, and any of their cobblers. A consensus favorite is the banana pudding, but be forewarned: It will make you want to slap somebody, so you might want to clear the immediate area.

Opie's BBQ
Opie’s BBQ


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