BBQ Road Trips (from Austin, TX)

Generations of goodness
Southeast of Kyle about 49 miles (and 62 miles from Austin) is sleepy Gonzales, Texas, where a tried-and-true restaurant and meat market sits on the courthouse square. Known for its homemade sausage, whose recipe hasn’t changed since the family-run store opened in 1958, Gonzales Food Market (which smokes with oak and mesquite wood) is not only a local favorite but also a destination for Texas barbecue enthusiasts. Now in its third generation of Lopez-family ownership, the restaurant serves up something you rarely see at Texas barbecue joints: lamb ribs. Meaty, flavorful lamb ribs. Trust me, order them. For those of you with less-adventurous palates, the chopped-beef sandwich is right on the money. After the meal, take a few steps through the swinging doors of Long Branch Saloon, a perfect place to wash down your bites. 

Gonzales Food Market
Gonzales Food Market


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