A Taste of West Virginia with the Culinary Traveler

A Taste of West Virginia with the Culinary Traveler

After visiting my friends at J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works in Malden, West Virginia, a while back, I decided to wind my way along the Kanawha River and check out a city that I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about— Charleston. Three days later, I had fallen in love with this folksy capital of the Mountain South—a city just as hip and historic as it was hyped up to be. Not only did I get a palate-expanding taste of Appalachian cuisine—I grew to understand and appreciate the culture that brought it to life. Here are just a few of my discoveries from my days spent walking the streets of Charleston with the new friends I met there.


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Taste of the South Jan-Feb 2016



  1. To Mr. Brian Hart Hoffman, on the article about Charleston, West Virginia: I want to thank you for a well written, positive article about West Virginia. I am from West Virginia, and we have the usual, negative, stereotypical comments written about our state, and your article about visiting Charleston was wonderful, positive, and a very pleasant read about the state’s capital city, an hour from where I live. I am glad to hear your trip was a positive experience, and you enjoyed your visit. Thank you for the wonderful article!

    John Woods
    Parkersburg, West Virginia


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