A Taste of Eddie Hernandez’s South

Eddie with soup
Chef Eddie Hernandez

An Atlanta favorite since it opened in 2000, Taqueria del Sol is a mainstay for locals and visitors, with multiple locations in Georgia and one in Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood. This casual restaurant is known to have a line out the door, and for good reason—Chef Eddie Hernandez keeps his ever-changing menus alive with inspired flavors of his elevated Mexican cuisine.

Chicken Liver Pate Taquitos
Chicken Liver Pate Taquitos

Eddie, originally from Monterrey, Mexico, has been cooking since he was young. Before becoming the notable chef he is today, he was taught to cook by his grandmother, who owned restaurants and bars. “She told me that if I’d learn to cook I’d always eat well,” says Eddie. Since then, he’s become known for his use of the freshest ingredients and mix of food cultures.

Mini Tostados with Redneck Ceviche
Mini Tostados with Redneck Ceviche

Yesterday, Eddie shared a taste of his South with us. Between the delicious smells of black-eyed peas simmering and the upbeat notes of Stevie Wonder sailing through the air, Eddie had our test kitchen cranking. He recreated a few Southern favorites with his own twist, including Chicken Liver Paté Taquitos, Mini Tostados with Redneck Ceviche (featuring Mississippi Delta Apple Kool-Aid pickles), Black-Eyed Pea Soup with Chicharones (pork cracklins’) and Popcorn Cornbread, Louisiana Fried Rice with Seared Sea Scallops, and Tequila-Grand Marnier Banana Pudding.

Black eyed pea soup
Black-Eyed Pea Soup with Chicharones & Popcorn Cornbread

Eddie wowed us with his creativity and cross-cultural combination of Mexican cuisine and native foods of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas to name a few. His Southern-inspired dishes are perfect examples of what he does at Taqueria del Sol—exciting and tasty food in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Louisiana rice
Louisiana Fried Rice with Seared Sea Scallops

Banana pudding
Tequila-Grand Marnier Banana Pudding


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