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stacey little dishing withBlogger, cookbook writer, and all-around food lover Stacey Little comes from a long line of Southern cooks who taught him how to create simple, flavorful dishes and prepare them with lots of love. Stacey knows that his Southern recipes are the kind that bring folks together, and his passion is to continue to inspire this connection through good food. To learn more about Stacey and try his recipes, visit his blog, and check out his cookbook, The Southern Bite Cookbook.

Favorite spring ingredients?

I automatically think of all the great produce— strawberries, spring onions, and asparagus top the list for me. I grew up with grandparents who kept two huge gardens, so it was common to go out and pick what we were having for dinner.

Dish you’d bring to a potluck?

Sweet Corn Spoonbread—even folks who are adamantly against sweet cornbread are won over every time!

Go-to comfort food?

Mac and cheese! My grandmother makes a delicious version with red-rind hoop cheese and evaporated milk. The result is creamy, cheesy perfection.

First thing you remember cooking?

Scrambled eggs. I was barely big enough to reach the stove but I snuck in the kitchen one Saturday morning to make breakfast for my parents. It consisted solely of scrambled eggs, which I’m sure were like rubber, but they ate them and smiled.

Biggest cooking influence?

Without a doubt, my mother. She taught me that any food is the best food when it’s made with love. It’s not fancy, expensive ingredients or hours spent in the kitchen that make it delicious—it’s all about the love that goes in it.

Three ingredients you keep in your kitchen?

Garlic, bacon, and self-rising flour.

Most requested recipe?

I’ve found that people really enjoy simple recipes that are packed with flavor—some of these that are most requested are Asian Slaw, Chicken Ranch Cheese Balls, and Fettuccini Alfredo.


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