5 Favorite Hand Pie Recipes

Golden, flaky, and delicious, hand pies are the smaller, more portable siblings of our favorite traditional pies. These single serving pastries, known as pasties and meat pies in other countries, can be baked or fried and filled with whatever goodies you prefer.


Fried Peach Hand Pies

These petite delights were originally made as food for workers in the fields and in the mines, the crusts protecting the fillings until lunchtime. The workers could eat the filling (then, usually a savory or meat mixture) while touching their dusty hands only to the crust, which they would then throw away. (It pains us to imagine a buttery crust being so carelessly treated!)

Sealed around the edges, these sweet or savory portable pies make great traveling treats, but you can enjoy them right in your home, too. Filled with fresh, seasonal filling, personal pies always please.

Here are a few of our favorite recipes:


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