Main Dishes

Breakfast Pizzas

Personal Breakfast Pizzas

A few store-bought shortcuts help these Personal Breakfast Pizzas come together in snap.  Find more great recipes like this one in Taste of the…

country captain casserole

Country Captain Casserole

Sweet golden raisins and crunchy sliced almonds add texture and flavor to this Country Captain Casserole.  Find more great recipes like this one in…

Muffaletta Bake

Muffaletta Bake

We’ve transformed the classic New Orleans sandwich into a Muffaletta Bake, packed with plenty of meats and cheeses.  Find more great recipes like this…

baked ziti

Baked Ziti and Meatballs

Homemade meatballs make this Baked Ziti a crowd pleaser.  Find more great recipes like this one in Southern Cast Iron’s Winter 2017 issue!