blackberry poke cake

Blackberry Poke Cake

Homemade buttermilk cake slathered with blackberry jam? Yes, please. Kitchen Tip: Shake the buttermilk before stirring it into the batter.   

cherry-limeade poke cake

Cherry-Limeade Poke Cake

Fresh lime gives our Cherry-Limeade Poke Cake a zesty kick. Kitchen Tip: Generously poke cake to get the most flavor into every bite. 

state desserts Peach Cobbler

Southern State Desserts

From glorious cakes and pies to humble cobblers, these treats grace Southern tables with their sweet showstopping goodness. State by State and slice by slice,…

Personal Chocolate Pies

Personal Chocolate Pies

We don’t know which part about these Personal Chocolate Pies we love more, the buttery crust or the fudgy filling. 

Brownies with Community® Coffee–Caramel Frosting

Brownies with Community® Coffee–Caramel Frosting

You can’t go wrong with these Brownies with Community® Coffee Frosting. The coffee flavor in the brownies adds extra dimension, and the coffee-caramel frosting…